Your free time

When you are not working, there are lots of possibilities to enjoy your time off.

You can enjoy the ports of call, go ashore, visit the cities, see the sights, relax on the beach, what ever you like.

On the ship there are also many alternatives. There is a small fitness studio for the crew, it is not hi-tech but every thing that you need to stay fit and work on your muscles is there, cross trainer, weights, jogging and bikes are available.

The crew deck, an open deck at the front of the ship has everything you need to relax in the sun.

On board there are two bars for the staff and crew available. In the Staff Bar you can enjoy a drink and a snack with friends and colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere or if you feel more energetic play a game of table football. The crew bar and the crew disco are a little louder, everybody gets the chance to be a DJ and get the action going with their own music, fun guaranteed.