Presentation and uniform

Your presentation

You must always present a clean and tidy image: Elegant and tidy hair and clean clothes and clean shaven. If you have visible tattoos or body piercing they must be covered or removed.


The elegant image is very important, as is punctuality. You have to be at your place of work 15 minutes before your duty officially begins. It is always hard to plan exactly on board – sometimes things begin earlier than planned, sometimes you will have to wait. To make sure you do not miss an important event you should always arrive earlier than planned.


The crew on board is made up of people of over 40 different nationalities working together closely and everyday. To make that work smoothly there has to be hierarchy and order. That means that what your superior, the Team Manager says you will do, what the Captain or the Hotel Manager says is law!


Your uniform

The uniform may not be as comfortable as your jogging suit but it is required and is not open to discussion. On board the team wears black shirts and trousers.

When you accompany the passenger tours you must wear a black T-shirt and beige trousers. As with the towels and bed linen, you will be supplied with sufficient uniform when you come on board.